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How our tuition works: Tuition is paid in 9 monthly installments. You pay your first month at registration and the first week of class each month following. No tuition payment is due in May. Cash, Credit card and check are all accepted as payment. Credit card now has a 3% fee. Tuition ran as auto-pay has no fees. Tuition paid after the 10th of the month is an additional $10. Any tuition not paid by the 15th of the month - the card on file gets charged with the $10 late fee. 


Students are not allowed to participate in classes unless tuition is paid and will be asked to sit out of class.  Tuition may be paid in yearly payments instead of monthly installments. Yearly payments are due at registration and have a 5% discount.


 Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Recital is optional and you must let En Pointe know if you choose to opt out. 



Recital date is to be announced. Recital is held at William H. Tunnicliff Auditorium in Flushing. The theme varies each year, however a few things always stay the same. Music, costumes and choreography is always age appropriate. NO midriff is shown regardless of age. No innapropriate language or dance moves are put into the show. Large, high quality stage props are always used for dances and for backdrop. Costumes are high quality and can only be bought through studio owners. Your receive a recital 'package' each year. It includes all you will need for the show for the current year of participation.


Costume bag with all costumes needed
practice songs online on the portal,

Recital souvenir t-shirt,
a trophy for years' performance.

3 tickets to each show.


Recital costs vary each year. You must pay a $75 Deposit per dancer in November, and the remaining amount is due in full by January 21st.

Dance wear can be purchased through our NEW online store here! 

Items get shipped directly to your home, labeled and ready to go!

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