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How old does my child have to be to begin dance at En Pointe?

Our Tots program currently begin at 2 years old. A parent or guardian must be present in class. We focus on creative movement and beginning steps. This class is 45 minutes and consists of Ballet and tap. 


Do you allow parent viewing?

Those in our Tots, Pre-K and Kinder Acro class (Ages 4 and under) are allowed to have a a guardian in the lobby. Every other class, you must drop off only. You are more than welcome to walk in and get your kiddo ready for for class! We just ask that you do not stay during class. Our dancers adjust much better without a guardian there- and we just do not have the lobby space to accomodate everyone to bring  their family. 


Do you have a specific dress code?

For Ballet, students must wear dance attire, which means tights, proper shoes, leotard and/or a tight fitting shirt and shorts. We must be able to see body lines on the dancers. Baggy clothing isn't appropriate for ballet, jazz or Acrobatics classes. This year, you must be in proper dance attire (tights, shoes, tight clothing- leotard, biketard etc.) or you cannot participate! Dance pants or leggings are allowed for jazz and tap classes only. Hip hop you are allowed any loose fitting clothing that you can move freely in. Absolutely no Jeans. No inappropriate areas of skin showing please. We feel that colors, style, and non-uniform let kids show creativity, which is what dance is all about!


Do you accept male dancers?

Yes! Boys are more than welcome in any of our dance classes. (Our current boys tend to favor Hip Hop and Acrobatics


When do dance classes begin and end?

We currently begin our dance season in September and end with a recital in Late May.  


Does my child have to take a summer class to stay enrolled for the next year?

Summer camps are completely optional, however, they are a great stimulus for summertime and help give students that extra push to achieve the goals they are working for. It keeps them engaged in dance throughout the whole year, while still getting a summer break. Dancers in our Elite Level classes MUST attend a certain # of summer classes to remain enrolled in their current classes. 


Do you have an annual recital, and do I have to participate?

Yes, we have an annual recital in May. Participation is not mandatory, but it is a great way to show off all the students have learned throughout the year. You must let the studio know by November if you will not be participating in the recital.


How do I enroll my student in classes?

 Look at our top menu and click "Online registration". Here you will create a parent portal and register for classes.   You can also call or email the studio and we can answer any questions you may have and register you!


Thank you!

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